Poll Shows Low Voter Awareness of Measures on February 5 Ballot

Posted on December 27th, 2007 — in Ballot Measures :: Politics :: Polls and Surveys :: Term Limits :: Tribal Gaming

Another new Field Poll shows that there is still very low voter awareness of measures that will appear on the February 5 ballot. One in four (25%) of California registered voters say that they have seen or heard anything about Proposition 93, the term limits measure.

Only 27% say that they have seen or heard anything about Propositions 93 through 97, the referenda to affirm four Indian casino compacts recently approved by the governor and the legislature.

Voters Support Term Limits Reform

Posted on August 23rd, 2007 — in Ballot Measures :: Polls and Surveys :: Term Limits

A Field Poll released last Saturday shows that likely voters still support a fix for the state’s current term limits law. A total of 70% of the state’s voters are strongly in favor of term limits for state legislators in general, while only 27% say that legislators should be allowed to run for as many terms as they want.