Examining the “Myths” of Water Policy

Posted on December 18th, 2009 — in Growth, Development & Infrastructure :: Resources and Environment

California Water Myths
[Public Policy Institute of California]

With the state facing its fourth consecutive year of drought, and an $11 billion water bond recently approved for the November ballot, the perennial debate over water policy issues will likely ratchet up in 2010. A recent report by the Public Policy Institute of California attempts to refocus the discussion by analyzing the “myths” about how the system works and the possible options for improvement.
Aside from their rhetorical value for certain stakeholders, the persistence of these myths can be attributed to the lack of rigorous scientific and technical information in the public policy debate over water issues. By examining the “myth,” the “reality,” and “how the myth drives debate,” the authors deconstruct the status quo and reframe the policy issues with hard evidence.

Redistricting Commission Gets Underway

Posted on December 4th, 2009 — in Redistricting

We Draw the Lines
[California State Auditor]

California’s first citizens redistricting commission, authorized by the passage of Proposition 11 in 2008, will begin accepting applications on December 15. Prop. 11, also known as the Voters First Act, assigns the task of setting the geographic boundaries of the state’s 120 legislative districts and four Board of Equalization districts to a 14-member citizens commission. Previously, redistricting was the responsibility of the state legislature. State Auditor Elaine Howle discussed the process of developing the commission in a recent Capitol Weekly interview.