Proposition 1B and California’s Highways

Posted on January 29th, 2007 — in Growth, Development & Infrastructure :: Resources and Environment

According to a new report from the Legislative Analyst’s Office, California and transportation problems are inextricably linked.

Most Californians drive where they need to go — mostly because they have no other choice. Public transit systems in most major urban areas are good if not great, but ridership is either flat or falling (except in the Bay Area). California’s population growth is legendarily explosive, but highway use outpaces even population growth. California highways are notoriously bottlenecked and traffic-jammed.

Voters approved Proposition 1B in November to infuse $20 billion into the state’s aging and overtaxed transportation infrastructure network. The LAO report addresses how best to allocate those funds, concluding commonsensically that funds “should be allocated to effective projects that can be constructed and open to users in a timely manner.”

California Travels: Financing Our Transportation [Legislative Analyst's Office]